Hi everybody!

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    • Welcome aboard.. and good choice for what to use for your stack. It's what we use on the server that currently services this site.
      I'd STRONGLY recommend setting up something like Oracle's VirtualBox on your desktop so you can also play with the different OS flavors on it. If you are not familiar with Linux it's easy to get to an "Oh Crap!!!" moment without meaning to and by using a local VM it's no big deal if that does happen as you can burn the VM out again and start over. Doing this on a live site can kill your site(s) quickly.
      It would also allow you to duplicate your current setup in the same actual environment that you current run in - unlike using a simple WAMP setup that some do (which to me is more for developmental purposes - like with add-ons/styles/scripts) but it does not really teach you actual server administration like setting up a local VM does.