Comparison Between Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 6.9 and CentOS 7.3

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    • Comparison Between Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 6.9 and CentOS 7.3

      I just want to share the tests I did, comparing 3 different server setups. I am planning to host a new wordpress+xenforo site but I wanted to check which setup is the best. I came from shared hosting and now would want to use VPS. I'm still learning things so any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

      Here are the specs of each, all are setup using Digital Ocean in Singapore:

      Setup 1:
      Ubuntu 16.04 x64, 1GB Ram, 1CPU
      I used EasyEngine to setup the LEMP stack then wordpress
      Total disk size used: 1.9GB

      Setup 2:
      CentOS 6.9 x64, 1GB Ram, 1CPU
      I used Centminmod 123.09beta01 then installed wordpress (option 22)
      Total disk size used: 9.2GB

      Setup 3:
      CentOS 7.3 x64, 1GB Ram, 1CPU
      I used Centminmod 123.09beta01 then installed wordpress (option 22)
      Total disk size used: 5.3GB

      The wordpress setup is exactly the same for each one. It has Woocommerce with official Storefront theme. I enabled caching thru "Cache Enabler" plugin. I did the test each one thru Pingdom and KeyCDN tools only. Here are the results:

      Using with test location in Dallas. Average of 3 tests each (Ubuntu16) : 446ms initial, 2.01s loaded (CentOS6) : 456ms initial, 2.07s loaded (CentOS7) : 446ms initial, 2.02s loaded

      Using speedtest with test location in New York. Average of 3 tests each (Ubuntu16) : 610ms initial, 2.7s loaded (CentOS6) : 599ms initial, 3.3s loaded (CentOS7) : 568ms initial, 2.7s loaded

      Using TTFB test, average of the 3 closest test locations (Ubuntu16) : 165ms (CentOS6) : 140ms (CentOS7) : 133ms

      From the looks of it, Ubuntu setup with EasyEngine holds very well and compares very well with CentOS 7. CentOS 6 is a bit lagging behind and occupies the most disk space. CentOS 7 has very good results with TTFB. So I'm almost leaning towards CentOS 7 setup using centminmod!

      These tests may not be very extensive or provide complete indication of performance. But these are the tools I know how to use. There may be better ones. It would be good if you can help me test them too if you have good tools. The sites are still live now but would be destroying them shortly to avoid incurring more charges (maybe in 1 to 2 days). Thanks! :)
    • I used another test using the free tool called loadimpact. The results are a bit weird. For some reason I can't paste an image here so I am giving the links.

      AVE. RESPONSE TIME: about 50ms…ime%3A1%3BdataKey%3Dvalue

      AVE. RESPONSE TIME: about 2.6S…ime%3A1%3BdataKey%3Dvalue

      AVE. RESPONSE TIME: about 1.4S…ime%3A1%3BdataKey%3Dvalue

      So I don't know if I did something wrong in my initial setup of centminmod on centos but the response times are crushed by easyengine on ubuntu. What I did was, after I installed CMM, I created the wordpress site using option 22. After that I also updated php to 7.1.4 because I realized the ubuntu site was using php 7.
    • I don't remember for sure, but I do know that CentMin installs CSF which can limit the number of simultaneous connections from one IP - so that may have an impact on it.
      I don't remember if it's enabled by default or not.

      As for attaching images... it should be simple as clicking the "Attachments" tab in the editor and then Uploading them.

      Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.18.52 PM.png

      Also I've never used the CentMin Wordpress configuration... I always create a vhost from option #2 and then copy the files over into the /home/nginx/domains/ and then go from there.
    • @Newton

      reason for difference is loadimpact randomly tests and changes their test server location - you can check on results page hit progress + button to expand the geographic maps

      so easyengine was tested against their singapore server so close and low latency within same country

      while centmin mod was tested against USA locations of Palo Alto for centos 6 and Sydney for centos 7 so much further latency from DO singapore and dependent on routing which outside of singapore might not be the great

      see their progress maps

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    • eva2000 wrote:

      hmmm @Tracy no attachment uploading support ?
      It may be a permission issue with WBB. Everyone should have attachment permissions. Does it not show available in the bottom adjacent to Smilies?
      I'll double check again and see if I can figure out what it is.

      Figured it out.. apparently a promotion is not running that promotes the users from one group to another after a new post has been made that would allow attachments. I've simply gone back and enabled attachments on the base user groups now.
    • Wow the man himself is here! Thanks @eva2000 for dropping by and giving your insight. Now I understand the reason why the loadimpact tests have huge disparity with each other. Without counting the loadimpact tests, it looks like CentOS 7 + CMM setup would have the edge.

      I am just surprised the total server size are much bigger in CentOS after CMM install than in Ubuntu for running the LEMP stack.