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    • Theme Color

      Is there a way to customize the color of the theme. Not that I don't like, it looks nice and friendly looking, apt for its purpose! It's just that at late night when the Night Shift kicks in, the yellow hue blends with the background reducing the contrast. If there's none its fine, I'll just post earlier in the evening! :)
    • Not with this one... unluckily it's a fairly "complex" style since it has some default color changes (based upon the tab chosen) and the background is a hard-coded graphics.
      I debated doing another style for just "night" type use that would be more subdued but keeping them in sync with changes can get rather cumbersome and then you have to take into consideration the other 3 forums that I run that I have to maintain.
      I may look at just doing a simple one that doesn't have all the "fancy" features that this one does.
      Thanks for the feedback!