Another try at a VPS server via a VM.

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    • Another try at a VPS server via a VM.

      Ok this is strictly on a home network. The home network is connected to the web, it is cone via tethering wirelessly to a mobile phone. We do it this way for speed, we are so rural that the best broadband we can get is 0.8mb! Which in real terms translates into download speeds of around 45kbs.

      Apart from being rural the main green service box all houses connect into, is roughly 1.3 miles from my house, no fibre optics its all copper! on top of that our driveway is over 1/4mile long. So Broadband is NEVER going to be fast here.

      With a mobile phone on a good day i can get 15mb, translates into something between 1mbs and 5 mbs download speed depending on the day.

      We connect to the home intranet via the RJ45 connector, so effectively my main pc runs two networks at once, one to the outside world via the wireless adapter and the other via a network card with RJ24 plug.

      So i can get files from my other machines and see the net at the same time, the other machines and my personal cloud are not reachable from the web.

      The port forwarding etc isnt set up for it on the phone. So that is our set up.

      I want to turn a old small dell pc (cheap on electric), into a vps. This will be the home network server. It has to keep windows on because it also connects to some lab equipment like a gas chromatograph and a mass spectrometer. The software for this is windows only.

      So the idea is to use virtual pc software, i normally use VMware but recently had a nasty experience with it. i might try one of the others this time.

      The lab equipment by the way connects via GPIB connectors into a special box and then into a special card on the pc via a long cable.

      I am now retired!!! Except i went and spent alot of my pension pot on a couple of shops and businesses, i was going to buy a flash soft top care but it rains alot here ;). And the wife wouldnt let me lol.

      The businesses i have and the ones i am involved in, normally use shared hosting, it does what we want and we use decent plans. But things are changing, we are using the web more with the businesses and shared plans wont cut it. i dont like VPS for some of what we do, so the decision is to go more like my old company and hire a couple of managed dedicated servers.

      being in the UK we would use American datacenters for the servers. The theory behind this isnt as good as it once was. We started doing this years ago, we found that when the uk was awake and busy the states was asleep and not busy, so having a server in the states made sense, our customers got good speeds because the shared servers were fairly quiet when the UK was awake.

      These days of ultra fast speeds makes this less important now, but i am kind of stuck in this mindset. ANYWAY

      Although it will be managed i still want to be able to create VPS and run them when needed myself. Mostly for testing things etc and because i want to learn to run one :D.

      i am aware the little dell isnt alot of power, but at the most there will be 3 users on the network! It is pointless running a huge machine for this, its mainly the software anyway i am interested in.

      So which Virtual machine software is recommended, keep in mind VMWare behaved badly to me not long ago.

      I will run linux for the VPS its just the VM software will be sitting on a windows machine, the actual VM's will be linux.

      recommended Linux to run in the VM's? and as an experiment i would like to use one machine like a host machine, so which hosting panel software, i also like c panel for the accounts but i am open to suggestions.

      I have found mint dosnt run very well on my machines, i cant remember if it was AMD chips that gave me problems or Intel. We now use mainly intel machines, but if i need a bigger 'server' than the dell the machine i have in mind has alot of grunt but is AMD based.

      I will be using windows to log into the network but i want command line linux servers for the VPS machines.

      Sorry for the long post, i want to have another go at this and this time put a bit more effort into it.