First install & use

    • First install & use

      I just installed Proxmox on one of my dedicated servers to play with.

      Proxmox is a virtualization software that is based on KVM virtualization and containers.

      My server is provided by ServerComplete (fantastic hosting provider by the way) and is a dual Xeon L5520 with 25GB RAM and 2 1TB SATA drives in a RAID 1 configuration (software).

      So far it's been running nicely.
    • Well, she's up and running and have learned how to set up both KVM nodes and openVZ style containers. Biggest problem I had was I use an iptables based firewall and it was NOT forwarding the traffic from the VPS's. Simple fix and she was up and running.

      In fact, my Redneck Hosting site is now running on one of the KVM VPS's (Debian 7).
    • Since my original post I've moved over to GetDedi and have ProxMox 3.2 installed on the server I have with them (and it's running this forum in a KVM). So far I've got 14 KVM nodes set up on it and it's running rock solid. I went ahead and purchased the 1 year community subscription for dual CPU use.