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    I thought i would ask you this, seeing as your my server font of all knowledge! lol

    I have a shared hosting package from namecheap. It is allowed upto 50 ADDON domains and unlimited sub domains.

    Now not using real names, just example ones.......

    Lets assume when i got the hosting i registered a TLD called

    So my main www folder on the server is

    Now lets assume i go into Cpanel and do a add on domain and point another tld to it. So

    In my wwwfolder tree structure i see a folder called

    If i install a forum in the folder under a subdirectory called forum, i reach it from browser by the address

    All that i get and understand, but what i want is to add a subdomain to a addon domain, so using the above example what i want is, the following address to point to the forum how do i go about setting this up so that when i type the browser goes to and shows in the address bar

    All i can get at the moment is to point to www, Because i cant see or seem to create a folder called inside the main www folder of the server.

    I am assuming i need to do an extra step like maybe have to mess with DNS?

    Anyway you can guide me through this or point to a decent tutorial for it? I have read a few but they are mainly for the main TLD and not an addon domain with a tld folder inside the main www root folder.

    Sorry if i made that sound utterly confusing?
  • I'm going to assume you are using cPanel?
    When you create a new sub-domain, it should already set it up under your WWW folder. It's one of the things that I do NOT like about cPanel. I'd rather have all my vhosts in a directory I define.
    And yes, normally you have to also make a DNS entry for any of your sub-domains. It's been a long time since I've messed with cPanel (I really hate it personally).
    Honestly, you will probably get more feedback from over at TAZ on this as many of them use shared hosting that has cPanel.
  • I created a folder myself inside the root public www folder. i called it (example name)

    I set up a subdomain called and pointed it to the directory i created.

    So i now have 2 directory's inside the main public root called with in them, one is and the other is the directory cpanel created when i added the add on domain

    I installed a forum but it dosnt show, i get a server not found error, is it likely its just a time thing? do i need to wait for it to propagate before i can reach it?
  • the problem however, is many things take a little patience. If you add up all the little things and therefore the total amount of patience required over all, you get a shed of patience required.

    While i have a little patience, it is just that, a little amount, and nowhere close to the amount needed in any, one given day!! lol

    I agree with the Vulture :D