And yet another server move

    • And yet another server move

      The old OVH server I was using was a HOST32-L (D1520 processor). We've moved off of it over to an EG-32 (still with 2 480GB SSD's). The reason of the move was mainly because the HOST32-L uses a newer motherboard & chipset. This also included a newer ETH chipset that is not currently supported in the latest stable CentOS builds. The custom rolled kernel from OVH had some other issues involved that I did not like (won't go into detail but they were mainly web service setup related for me). This new server uses an older processor (E5-1630v3) and chipset and supports CentOS stable with no custom rolled source required. I think we've got everything moved over - but as normal, if you notice anything let me know! :insane:
    • Since this was posted we have moved all the sites I maintain over to a VPS with RamNode. I could not justify the cost of a dedicated server for low traffic sites. If they pick up we will increase the VPS size and if necessary move to a dedicated again in the future.