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      Anybody else using it? I had it running on one of my forums but was having issues with some of the users not being able to connect any longer after replacing the Comodo SSL I was using with it. Turns out those users were using Windows XP (yeah, I know) and it no longer receives updates to the CA file since it's no longer supported by MS.

      I AM using it for the cert for my Postfix (and it's working fine) on the main server. I also am using it on another site I provide webmail interface to a local business. That business is Windows 7 or higher, so it doesn't present a problem there.

      I have the system automated to check twice a month for updated certs (since they expire every 90 days). The only downfall is you have to bring the HTTP server offline when the cron runs (which doesn't take long) since the LetsEncrypt update program uses port 80.

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