Hi there.

    • Hi.

      I found the site on TAZ, so I thought I'd drop by and say hello. I'm Liam, a BS IT Student at the University of the East - Manila, and a freelancer when I'm not bothered to do anything school-related. Started working with Unix/Linux machines at age 14 due to my personal amusement of all things technical, starting with FreeBSD then moving to CentOS & Debian.

      Hope the community grows, because the interest in Linux sure is ;)
    • Hey Liam!

      I started with Slackware MANY moons ago - when the only effective way to get it was to go into a store and purchase the CD-ROM's since downloading would take so long (back in the bad old modem days).
      Got out of it for a while and was playing with OS/2, since that is what my multi-lined BBS was running on, but I always had a soft spot for Linux.
      My poisons of choice in flavor are Debian and CentOS. CentOS is a little more "old school" in it's processes and their philosophy (stability at all costs), whereas Debian is just a "tad" more cutting edge. This site is running on a CentOS 6 series server. Haven't messed with 7 much as the test bed I did the configuration of the mail services (I use dovecot, Postfix, OpenDKIM and a few other things) did not configure/work the same on the 7 series as it does on the 6 line. Figured since the 6 series has full updates until 2Q 2017 and maintenance updates until 2020, I'll have the sites over on a new server before then most likely - and have it configured with CentOS 7 (or 8 if it's out) by that time.