Robolinux LXDE "Need for Speed"

    • Robolinux is very proud and excited to announce its new Robolinux LXDE "Need for Speed" 32 & 64 bit OS versions which boots up using an unprecedented low 66 MB of RAM in its 32 bit OS. An incredible amount of effort was put into making the LXDE user interface look extremely polished and easy to use. An enormous amount of time and effort went into optimizing and streamlining the new LXDE operating systems so that Linux Beginners and Advanced Users would be very pleased. Both versions are based on the rock solid Debian stable 7 source code and have one click Auto Updgrade Robolinux options in the main menu so that users do not need to reinstall when new versions are released. We also added an extensive Robolinux LXDE FAQ section to our website.

      For more information, visit their SourceForge page at Robolinux - Browse Files at