FreeNAS 9.3

    • FreeNAS 9.3

      After months of work and close to a thousand bugs resolved, we are very proud and pleased to announce the official release of FreeNAS 9.3. Please come and get it while it's hot!

      We have also prepared some important upgrade notes for this release which even folks coming from 9.3-BETA may wish to read. If you are one of the folks who jumped on board with 9.3-BETA then you need merely check for and apply the update that will be waiting for you - this will update you to 9.3-RELEASE and automatically jump you to the 9.3-STABLE Update Train (note: If you were really quick off the mark and got the very last update already, you may need to simply switch manually to the 9.3-STABLE train; it triggers on package differences).

      If you are not currently on 9.3, then simply grab the GUI or ISO update image and update in the usual way; this is the last time you will need to do so!

      To see what's new and awesome about this release, please see the ReleaseNotes - they're simply far too large to include in this message. We would also like to sincerely thank the over 5,000 users who participated in the 9.3-BETA testing program. The level of participation in the form of bug reports and commentary in the special 9.3 Testing section of the FreeNAS Forum was truly unprecedented in size and scope, and this release wouldn't be anything close to the level of quality without it. Thank you!

      We are already starting to screen bugs into the SU (Software Update) Candidate milestone and plan on supporting the 9.3-STABLE update train up to and well past the point where FreeNAS 10 comes out, nightlies for that train resuming just as soon as the FreeNAS 10 team has something ready to publicly demo.

      We will try to keep updates from coming out too frequently, though if we do encounter any issue which is significantly impactful and worthy of a quick reaction on our part, we will fix it as quickly as necessary. The new updater means we can ship an update for a single bug, or multiple bugs combined, it all depending on timing and severity.

      Please enjoy this new release! There are hundreds of improvements, performance enhancements and new features in it, and we hope everyone will get plenty of mileage out of it as we proceed towards our next major release with FreeNAS 10!

      The FreeNAS Development Team