Simplicity Linux 14.10 Alphas

    • From the official announcement of the release of the latest Alpha:

      So, after a bit of a delay, the Simplicity Linux 14.10 Netbook and Desktop Alphas are now available to download. All versions of Simplicity Linux 14.10 Alpha are using the 3.15.4 kernel and is based on Slacko 5.9.3.

      As usual, Netbook is aimed at users who tend to do things online, but still want a pretty and professional looking desktop. It runs LXDE as the Window Manager, has Wbar as a dock, and comes complete with Firefox and TOR browser.

      Desktop 14.10 Alpha is aimed at users who want a full featured desktop Linux. It comes complete with LibreOffice, WINE, Java, VLC and a host of other applications. As with Netbook, it also comes with Firefox and TOR browser built in, uses LXDE and Wbar.

      We hope you enjoy using these images, but please bear in mind they are Alpha releases so they may be unstable, could have bits and pieces which won’t end up in the final release and may contain nuts and other allergens.