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    • Site script change

      I'm giving serious consideration to changing the site from it's current script of Wotlab Burning Board over to IPS when the 4.2 release finally is done. We will lose a couple of features of the current site, but nothing that should be earth shattering. IPS 4.2 will bring some features that WBB does not have. I will have to look at also utilizing Pages to replace the current Guides with.
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      Actually after some consideration, I'm looking at bringing the site offline on 07/01/2017.

      I've kind of lost interest in running forums and want to start pursuing some other hobbies. I'll be moving one of my sites over to a VPS around the first of July and may also convert this one over to it. If you try to visit and you get a no-response error after about the first week in July you will know that we are down and most likely will not be back.